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(I visited Goku Raku Ramen for the 2nd time. Ordered the Roku Raku Asian Pork Rice set for RM18.90++ which comes with a glass of green tea. Surprisingly, the kitchen staff are all Burmese workers. Shouldn’t they recruit Japanese staff to guarantee an authentic taste of their food? )



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比较有趣的是不同的民房里栩栩如生的普通人蜡像。老人独坐。(There are also some wax figurines of ordinary people inside the sample residential houses.)

公公逗孙女玩乐。(An old man playing with his granddaughter.)

妇女织布。(Women holding embroidered cloth.)

爸爸教儿子放风筝。(A father teaching his son to fly a kite.)

制作皮影戏道具。(Making the ‘wayang kulit’ sets.)

制作竹器。(Making bamboo tools.)

阿嬤和孙儿。(A grandma with her grandson.)

男教师批改学生作业。(A teacher is marking his pupils’ homework.)

拜神仪式。(Offering prayer.)

妈妈烫衣服。(A woman ironing clothes.)

女人照镜子梳头。(A woman combing her hair)

小男孩手握咸蛋超人趴在床上看书。(Her son is reading on the bed with his hands holding an Ultraman toy.)

暹罗文化公园前的塑像。(A statue at the entrance of Siam Cultural Park.)



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(I’m getting excited about my Kansai tour next month. After all, it’s my first trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, and Kyoto is one of the cities which I have always wanted to go. As I’m travelling on my own, I would try to get as much information as possible from every possible resource.)



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暹罗文化公园里亦有展示泰国不同地区的僧舍。(There are some monastic cells and traditional residential houses on display in Siam Cultural Park.)

其实不谙建筑学的我,看来看去都没什么两样。(For a layman like me, I can’t really differentiate each type of houses.)

还有泰国不同地区的民房。这是北部的。(A typical Northern Thailand house)

这是东北部的。(A typical Isaan house)

有指示牌一目了然。(The signboards are quite clear, at least with some English written.)

这种房子,恐怕要深入乡下才看的得到了。(Nowadays, you have to travel to the rural areas of Thailand in order to see these kind of houses.)

跟马来人的高脚屋也有点相似。(It has some similarities with our traditional Malay kampong house.)

诵经寮。(A booth for prayer)

展示民房样本的地区也很广阔。(This ‘display house’ section occupies a large area)

这是南部的民房。(A typical Southern Thai house)



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(It’s been quite a while since I last consumed 2 eggs within one day. Today is an exception. I ordered this breakfast set which comprises 2 half-boiled eggs before going for the ‘The Wind Rises’ morning show. I guess I would have to refrain from eating eggs again for a couple of days from now.)



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运筹帷幄的一位泰国军事策略家。(A Thai military strategist.)

越南民族英雄胡志明。(Ho Chi Minh)

特丽莎修女。(Mother Teresa)

邓小平与毛泽东。(Deng Xiaoping & Mao Zedong.)

蜡像是以此照片为蓝本。(The wax figurines uses this photo as a blueprint.)

文化公园里也展示了三个不同时期的佛像。(This area displays the Buddha images in 3 periods.)

清贤时期的佛像。(The Buddha image during the Chang Saen period.)

素可泰王朝时期的佛像。(The Buddha image during the Sukhothai period.)

大城王朝时期的雕像。(The Buddha image during the Ayutthaya period)

这个岩洞里的蜡像是讲述佛陀成道之前的故事。(This cave tells the story of Vessantara-Jataka.)

邪魔化身的祖祖卡。(The evil Brahmin Jujuka.)

成道前的席塔达王子。(Lord Vessantra in his last incarnation on earth.)

祖祖卡引诱佛陀的两名孩子。(Jujuka tried to lure Lord Vessantara’s two children.)

因为没有文字解说,我实在很难明白蜡像要表达的是什么。(I found it hard to understand the story due to lack of information given.)

祖祖卡大鱼大肉不知节制。(Jujuka had a hell of a feast.)

最后肚破肠流而死。(And finally died of gluttony.)



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(I went to the Noodles Village for the second time, but this trip somewhat disappoints me. The Taiwanese ‘zhajiang’ noodles is too salty to my taste. I really missed the yummy ‘zhajiang’ noodles at a Chinese restaurant in Bangkok last week. I guess next time when I come to Noodles Village, I would order the one and only ‘soybean pan mee’ which is their signature dish.)



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蛇山附近还有一些岩洞开放供参观,但是天气很热,我又怕野狗,所以没有去探索。(Luckily there are only monkeys around, not wild dogs.)

登上蛇山后俯瞰美景。(The scenic view from the top)

蛇山附近的岩洞。(There are some other caves around Snake Mountain but I didn’t have plans to explore further.)

可惜这个内有睡佛的庙不知怎么关闭着。(The shrine of a sleeping Buddha)

我无缘一睹这座卧佛的真面目了。(I would have seen this sleeping Buddha if the gate wasn’t closed.)

临别前依依不舍再望蛇山一眼。(Get another goodbye glimpse of snake mountain before i leave)

罗敏申百货是叻丕最大的购物商城。(Robinsons is the largest shopping mall in Ratchaburi)

接着来去暹罗文化中心参观吧。(Siam Cultural Centre is another tourist attraction in Ratchaburi. The admission fee is 80 baht for Thais.)

这里有一座蜡像馆,里边分成几个展区,先来‘名人堂’看看。(Let’s visit the ‘Hall of Fame’ first.)

这是泰国一位名作家兼学者的蜡像。(Pin Malakul is a famous Thai author & educator.)

这是70年代的泰国前首相。(Sanya Thammasak is a Thai former PM in the ’70s.)

也是泰国的著名领袖,我不认识他。(I can hardly recognize the faces of these Thai political figures.)

另外一个政治领袖。(Another Thai political leader.)

这尊蜡像显示名人淳朴家居生活的一面。(This portrays the simple lifestyle of a renowned Thai leader.)

有些蜡像是根据珍贵的历史图片而雕塑。(Some of the wax replicas are based on the pictures of the subject concerned.)



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这是我第一次光顾曼谷的Macaron Ville马卡龙饼专卖店,而且发现这种甜品的价钱并不便宜。像这样包装精美的八粒庄,要卖300铢。其实,一小粒马卡龙饼,一口就吞下去了。

(It seems like the Thais are getting frenzy about eating macarons. The new macaron shops are mushrooming in the city. This is the first time I patroned this shop called Macaron Ville. The beautifully-packaged macarons are sold at 300 baht per box, which is not cheap. The best thing is you can patiently choose your favourite  flavours and there are more than 10 flavours for choice.)



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坐这种‘双条’车去距离叻丕市大约6公里的蛇洞。(Took this green public bus to Snake Mountain which is 6 km from Ratchaburi town.)

蛇洞有一座靠山而建的大雕像,远远就看得见。(This giant statue can be seen from afar.)

先来个自拍。(A selfie)

再来一张。(One more)

壮观的雕像。(The snake mountain’s Sukothai style Buddha statue.)

等待受哺的猴子。(Monkeys on the way to the mountain.)

饿猴觅食。(Hungry monkeys looking for food)

通往山上之道。(The way to the Snake Mountain)

山下的蛇神。(The snake god shrine at the bottom of the mountain)

在亭里暂歇自拍。(Take a rest for selfie)

拾级上山。(The staircases to the top)

回首来时路的风光。(Looking back at the path I took to go uphill.)

眺望远处的叻丕市。(View from the top.)

山上的神明。(The Buddhas in a temple on top of Snake Mountain.)

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